The Office of Education Abroad facilitates studies abroad, mutual exchange agreements and international contracts led by faculties. Overseas training will facilitate the negotiation of the agreement with the partner university or partner company and will work with UAB`s commercial contracts for verification and signature. The completion period of the agreements may take several months. Once the agreement is reached, an additional semester may elapse before students can begin to participate. Compensation is paid on the basis of an independent contract contract contract. To reach an agreement, foreigners must obtain a work visa. Select the corresponding category in Column A below, then select the corresponding funding source in column B. Fill in the highlighted spaces, then remove the highlight of the text before receiving signatures. Don`t change the terms of the agreement again. If no appropriate category or source of funding is available, contact Robyn Brown at the

Faculties, departments, schools and higher education institutions may request further studies abroad for membership agreements or reciprocal exchanges. We recommend that faculties interested in developing new partnerships contact Education Abroad before concluding documents. Please send questions and requests regarding the organization and management of applications to the University Committee in Contact Maria Dzhabieva (Phone (495) 772-95-90 ext. 27678). To apply for a series of seminars, the following documents must be sent to Please note the templates of the required documents below. .

HSE University is pleased to announce an open call for the invitation of leading foreign experts to spend up to one year at the university and participate in teaching and/or research activities. The deadline for applications for visits in 2020 is closed. Teaching activities may include organizing and organizing university courses, participating in exams and evaluating text assignments; Presentation of a conference (conference series) and/or master`s courses; Working as a scientific tutor to students; Attended conferences and seminars as lecturers and teachers, etc. Research activities may include research in collaboration with HSE scientific staff, as well as students and graduates of higher education. The intern will return to his or her home institution to study. Additional InformationThe unit should provide information on the progress of this project during a visit by a visit to last year`s Visiting Scholar Calls, which aimed to work on a joint publication or joint project. If a professional is not invited by a new phone call, information on the progress of his work must be forwarded to no later than one year after the scheduled visit. If funding is approved, the host service is responsible for the execution of all practical provisions of the visit, in accordance with recommendations made on the website or by the relevant faculty`s research committee. Scholar Contacts is not employed by a home institution, government or company and does not return to resume an academic program in a home-based institution. Agreements for tailored programs abroad are very different. Overseas training will be in accordance with UAB`s contracts to conclude the contract process.

Please note that the faculty member may need to help the supplier secure the contract.

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