The representative of Vietnam, along with other speakers, welcomed the resumption of talks between Belgrade and Pristina, as well as the recent agreement on the normalization of economic relations. However, he deplored the persistent lack of implementation on the ground and called on both sides to take confidence-building measures to achieve a lasting negotiated solution. The Kosovo Assembly ratified the agreement, incorporated it into a law and treated it as an “international agreement”. [20] Following the conclusion of the agreement, the European Commission officially announced that work on the ASA with Kosovo[8] and accession negotiations have begun with Serbia. The agreement was supported by the European Union, NATO, the OSCE and the United Nations. [9] Serbian Foreign Minister Ivica Dasai said UNMIK`s presence remained crucial to building a lasting peace on the ground. He cancelled his country`s long-standing and responsible attitude towards dialogue with Pristina and said he had signed the 2013 Brussels agreement after a series of difficult negotiations and major concessions from Belgrade. In the years that followed, Serbia asked the European Union the same question – guarantor of the agreement: can such an agreement be considered valid if a party refuses to respect its obligations under this agreement? To date, Pristina`s statements show that it lacks the political will to start new negotiations in violation of the Brussels agreement. “This agreement will help us heal the wounds of the past if we have the wisdom and knowledge to put them into practice,” he said. However, the agreement should allow both sides to continue their plans to join the EU.

BELGRADE, Serbia, September 7 (SeeNews) – Serbian and Kosovar leaders expect the agreement on economic relations negotiated in the United States, signed last week, to help reach a legally binding agreement on normalizing relations, Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic and Kosovo Prime Minister Avdulla Hothi said Monday. However, some public reactions to these more serious accusations were of concern, including attempts to challenge the legitimacy of the specialized chambers and allegations that they were politically motivated. Specialized chambers and the bar are an integral part of Kosovo`s judicial system, with mandates that are essential for the rule of law in that country and its future. With a narrow majority, Mr. Hoti`s government faces strong parliamentary resistance and widely divergent priorities among coalition partners. After just over 100 days in power, constant disagreements between the constituent parties and difficulties in reaching compromises have hampered and delayed their responses in critical areas. The representative of St. Vincent and the Grenadines praised the efforts of UNMIK and the UN team to contain the COVID 19 pandemic and welcomed the September 4 agreement in Washington, D.C. She also welcomed the EU-supported dialogues and stressed the need to promote women`s participation in peace processes.

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