AsC`s Environmental and Safety Management Solution for Energy and Supply Companies has significant benefits for operations and risk management, including: CSA`s LifeCycle Management Software and CSA Compliance Management Solutions help Energy – Utilities effectively manage contractual management requirements and environmental and health protection compliance requirements (ETS) Environmental and Health and Safety (EHS) Regulation Management and Compliance Workflow Management is one of ASC`s advanced solutions. Ask for your demo and check out our rich feature kit yourself. From pre-qualification by contractors to site inspections, damage reports and evaluation of contractor performance, monitoring energy and service companies monitors environmental and health and safety risks in the workplace (ETS) for both workers and supply infrastructure. By providing a central repository for contractors, service requests and contracts, ASC ContractsTM allows auditors and contract administrators to quickly access an accessible online database to obtain full transparency and insight into non-compliant contractors, valuations and stock lists.

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