Land Agreement Format In Bengali

12. If the seller does not issue a marketable security as shown above, the buyer has the right to terminate the contract by informing the seller of the termination at least fifteen days before the end of that period and after the expiry of that period and in this case the seller will return the serious money to the buyer and each party will bear and bear the costs and charges of that agreement. 3. The buyer offered to acquire the land and lease land and the seller agreed to sell the same and transfer the lease to the terms agreed and specified below. 1. By a lease of rental legs, the date is designated as the tenant of one party and the seller in that party is the tenant of the other party and registered at `under Sr`. No. 1, in the sub-registrar`s office at the seller`s address, the owner of the property and the premises in the premises in the book below are described in the calendar below, from the date of the Rs annual rent. The most common ways in Bangladesh to own land 14. If the buyer is late in concluding the sale within the agreed time, the seller is entitled to withdraw the contract in due course and revoke the contract by then notifying the buyer for at least fifteen days and cancelling the contract, the buyer loses his right to the serious money in question, which the seller receives at his claim for damages, including costs, charges and ancillary costs. A tripartite agreement is authorized by contract act 1872 and also by Section 59 of the Transfer of Property Act 1882. As far as banking is concerned, a three-part agreement can be reached between the buyer, seller (developer or broker) and the bank.

An individual cannot enter into a three-part agreement with the bank and the bank cannot sell/sell real estate unless the borrower remains late in payment or the borrower wishes to do so with the full payment of the outstanding loan. Beware of buying Before purchasing a property, collect Concern Land Office`s No Object Certificate (NOC) and Non Encumbrance Certificate (NEC), Sub-Registry Office and collect the property`s status with respect to any type of liability against it, for example. B by mortgage to a bank or financial institution or leased to an organization that may interfere with the status of the property under the law.