You`re the only lawyer involved to put yourself in the uncomfortable position of serving two gentlemen. Who among us is naïve enough to believe that if we speak to the unrepresented spouse, he or she will not expect us to provide legal advice, written counter-protests to the contrary? Therefore, no practitioner should ever consider an agreement in which he would develop a pre-marriage agreement for the “two parties” of the agreement, regardless of the number of exceptions the parties apply. It is much better to refuse this commitment rather than guarantee, in practice, not only disputes between the parties, but also a procedure of decency against the author. Many engaged couples think that prenups are only for rich people, but that`s just not true in our time. If you have assets that you want to protect or if you think you want to protect the assets in the future, you should receive a prenup. It`s a good way to think about it — marriage is a contract, whether you think it`s useful or not. Without a prenup, your state of residence will determine how your assets will be distributed if you get a divorce. A prenup gives you control of this process. Term of the pre-husband contract: it is up to you and your spouse to decide how long a pre-husband contract can remain in effect. Couples may wonder if the contract will last forever or whether it will expire at some point: pre-marital assets and debts: you want to draw up a comprehensive list of your assets and debts that are currently on your behalf. It is necessary for your wedding, and it is also a good practice in advance and easily on financial matters with your new spouse. Below are some questions you should think about when you think about pre-marital assets and debts: a prenup cannot contain personal preferences.

B for example, who has what tasks, where to spend the holidays, to whom the name should be used, details about the education of children or about the relationship with certain parents. Marriage contracts are supposed to deal with financial matters. Preventive measures that address non-financial issues are not maintained. Judges become uncomfortable if they see private cases contained in a contract, and will often view the document as reckless and bring it down. If you and your spouse want to have an agreement on this kind of thing, do so in a separate document with which the court does not have the authority to intervene. Each state prohibits you from including something illegal in your marriage contract.

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