Collective Agreement 4 Of 2016

A teacher may, with the employer`s consent, reduce the duration of the six (6) weeks following the actual delivery date by providing the employer with a medical certificate certifying that the return to work does not endanger her health. 15.2 There is no mention of any, reduces a teacher`s salary below the amount payable immediately before this agreement comes into force. 13.1 Any difference between a staff member under this agreement and the employer or, in a correct case, between the Alberta Teachers` Association and the employer, with respect to the interpretation, application, business or alleged violation of that agreement, including any dispute over whether the difference is arbitration, is treated as intended, without work interruption or refusal to work. A one-time lump sum payment of 1% of the annual salary under the collective agreement plan that came into force on November 15, 2015 will be paid to all teachers who are contractually funded for this government-funded contract and paid by the end of December 2015. CONSIDERING that the parties want these issues to be defined in a collective agreement that regulates the conditions of employment of the aforementioned teachers; The parties agree, in a joint committee, to formalize the current practice (15 weeks of fixed additional benefits) in the language of the collective agreement. The parties agree that the current practice will remain unchanged as long as these discussions take place. If the parties fail to agree on the final form of the tariff language by March 1, 2014, the matter will be referred to the case management arbitrator described in the framework agreement. 13.2 A difference (hereafter referred to as “complaint”) between a worker covered by this agreement and the employer, which is first submitted in writing to the employer secretary, who forwards it to the president of the local A.T.A., who forwards it to the Teachers` Association`s Teachers` Social Assistance Coordinator. This written writing must be filed within 15 days of classes from the day of the incident that produced the complaint or from the time the mourning first occurred, depending on the later date. This complaint sets out the nature of the complaint, the articles of the agreement against which it was allegedly violated and the solution sought.

In light of improvements to the workers` benefits plan and sick leave benefits, workers covered by the collective agreement waive discounted rights under the Labour Insurance Act. 13.7 The arbitration body may not amend, modify or amend the terms of this agreement. All complaints or disputes raised are a descriptible issue in this agreement and do not depend on a question or dispute of a party that violates the provisions of this agreement or involves the determination of an object that is not within the scope of this agreement or that arises during the duration of the agreement. The parties recognize that there are currently committees to communicate teachers` views on school issues to the employer. The parties intend to maintain current practices in this area during the currency of this agreement. 15.4 This agreement benefits and binds the parties and their successors. As of September 1, 2014, the Alberta Teachers` Association`s (local) Local Catholic Holy Spirit No. 5 will be responsible for the management and management of the training fund plan, in accordance with Section 9 of the collective agreement.