1986 Indian Lands Agreement

2 Ontario, Canada, and any group or group group may enter into specific agreements. Each or more groups can enter into one or more specific agreements. (c) the exercise, allocation or transfer or elimination of interests on natural land or resources; 9 A specific agreement will enter into force if confirmed by the decisions of the Council of Canada and Ontario and confirmed by volume. (a) by a referendum held in accordance with the provisions of the Governor General of the Council, under the authority of the Act of Parliament for the purpose of executing this agreement, or 5 neither this agreement nor a specific agreement affect the validity of a contract or surrender. specific agreement, a specific agreement referred to in the agreement and referred to by the Canadian government, the Ontario government and a group of Indian Indians or indian gang groups pursuant to the agreement. (special agreement) (special agreement) (j) all other provisions necessary for the implementation of a specific agreement. The Minister of Aboriginal and Northern Affairs is solely responsible for the legislation, but the Minister of Health has a recommendation, powers to develop certain regulations and powers of understanding for the management and enforcement of legislation under the act. 6 (1) If a band confirms a specific agreement in accordance with paragraphs 10 A or b) of the agreement, the specific agreement and any notification of the band referred to in paragraph 10, point b), of the agreement bind all existing and future members of the group and the group`s board and successors. 10 Confirmation of a particular agreement by a particular agreement takes place instead of 12 No specific agreement reached by one group is binding on any other group or has no effect on other groups, unless it has been confirmed by that other volume. 13 A specific agreement may be amended by the parties or their successors in the same way as it was originally concluded. Minister for Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Affairs (for all countries for which this Minister assumes administrative responsibility for the natural resources contained there); Minister for Natural Resources (for all lands for which this Minister assumes administrative responsibility for the natural resources contained there). Agreement: the agreement between the Government of Canada and the Ontario government as set out in the timetable; (agreement) 3 The agreement binds Her Majesty into Canadian law and the Governor of the Council is authorized to apply the provisions of the agreement. 3 A specific agreement may be reached on any issue or issue concerning land or natural resources, including one of the following: 1 This Act can be cited as the Indian Lands Agreement (1986) Act. (d) 1924 agreement means the agreement between Canada and Ontario of 24 The statutes it has approved, i.e.

the statutes of Canada , 14-15 George V, Chapter 48, and the Ontario Statutes, 14 George V, Chapter 15. 5 The Governor of the Council may adopt regulations that have adopted procedures for confirming a specific agreement under paragraph 10, point a) of the agreement.